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Purchasing a home is a major milestone in one’s life.

It shows you have grown into an adult and have some long-term stability. With such things comes added responsibilities and many questions. Who is going to take care of things if something breaks? Where will I get the money to fix something if a storm does damage? All of these are very real scenarios that will probably happen at least once in your lifetime ownership of your home. C & W Premier Insurance Agency in Utah County has you covered! We offer you the best homeowners insurance in the Provo-Orem area to fit your needs. We are here to help you protect your home and your family in case of a disaster.

Home Insurance Coverage

Many things are covered under our home insurance policies. C&W Premier Insurance Agency is committed to helping you find a plan that is tailored to fit your individual needs. If you are in the Provo or Orem areas give us a call today at 801-225-8523 and we can go over all our options and rates. Some of the things that are covered include:

If you are looking for peace of mind and coverage you can count on then give us a chance to show you all the great things our company has to offer!

Things Not Covered By Home Insurance

While some great things are covered by home insurance policies, there are still a few things that are not covered. C & W Premier Insurance Agency offers the Orem and Provo areas great insurance options; however, sometimes insurance is unable to cover certain incidents.

Home insurance does not include:

Give us a call today and we will discuss all things covered and not covered by home insurance policies. Our job is to get the right insurance for you and your family and to keep you informed of all of the options available to you.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

It is always nice to have a safety net. Umbrella Liability Insurance acts like a safety net for your home. If your liability risk exceeds the limits on your standard home insurance policy, then you have this policy to fall back on. If you are looking for extra protection then this is the add-on policy for you. Umbrella Liability Insurance will give you the peace of mind that you wish far when it comes to protecting you and your family.

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