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If you live in the Orem or Provo areas and are looking for more peace of mind then C & W Premier Insurance Agency is the company for you.

Umbrella Liability Insurance is an add-on insurance that you attach to an existing policy. This policy will give you greater peace of mind, because it will cover things your traditional policy will not. If you are looking for answers on this type of policy then give us a call at 801-225-8523 and we will gladly talk to you about all the options.

Protection as Needed

Umbrella Liability Insurance can be very confusing, but lucky for the residents of Orem and Provo you have C & W Premier Insurance Agency to walk you through the process. This type of policy provides additional liability coverage on top of your home owners, auto, or boat insurance policies. This protection will jump in when the other has been exhausted. It is like always having a backup plan. This policy can also include things that your other policy does not including:

Types of Coverage

Living in Provo and Orem seems safe, but you always need a backup plan. This is where C & W Premier Insurance Agency comes in. We can help you with the right coverage so you never have to worry. Umbrella Liability Insurance offers different types of coverage. Bodily Injury Liability is coverage that will cover the cost of damages to another person body including claims and medical bills. This can be helpful if a guest injures themselves in your home, or if you are at fault because of an auto accident. Umbrella Liabiliy covers things you are not prepared to deal with on a daily basis, but it is always good to have that safety net.

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